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8 de jul de 2008

O mecânico

Marty Feldman was a friend whom I miss very much. He was a comic genius and truly gentle soul. Not many Americans know that in his homeland, Marty was the British equivalent of Woody Allen... namely an accomplished writer and performer. Marty's seminal BBC series laid the foundation for "Monty Python" as many of its members worked on his writing staff.

Marty should never be forgotten and the full true nature of his incredible talent should forever stay on our radar. He was much more than "Aye-Gore."

I'm sharing some rarities in my possession that Marty gave me back in the seventies. Here's an auto mechanic sketch that featured a recurrent theme of Marty's work: Driving another human being to the brink of insanity.

And note the reckless physical act he performed at the end. A trademark of his.

It's followed by a brief, strange vignette with Spike Milligan that amazed many people because of Marty's ability to stuff himself into an extremely tight space.

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