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27 de jan de 2010

Bowling for Sandercoe

WINNER!! of Justin Sandercoe's "most innovative use of a guitar" competition.

To answer some of the more commonly asked questions:

The music was written specially for the film by Loic Desjardins. It doesn't have a name that I know of and it's not available anywhere besides this film at the moment.

I used a Panasonic NV-GS280 camcorder, Stop Motion Pro, Photoshop and Sony Vegas to make the film. And some Lego. My other Lego films were shot with a Logitech QuickCam Pro 4000 webcam - a pretty cheap alternative.

It's all stop motion - 15 frames per second, so around 1800 frames altogether. I filmed it over about three days, then spent about a day fiddling about editing and masking and stuff.

The bouncing ball effect is explained here:

Don't forget you can catch Justin's guitar lessons at - it's all free and there's plenty of videos starting right from the basics.

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