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12 de set de 2010

53 The Contaminated

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Short Film winner

Produced and Directored by Andrew Hartstonge,

Genre: Romantic Horror/Thriller,

Made in New Zealand

Romantic Short Film


The story resolves around Brad, and Abby. Abby has been infected with the virus which is killing anyone it comes in contact with, the virus is spread very easily so the government is 'destroying' any who has it.

They all get dragged of to a hospital where they have their blood tested to see if they have infected blood, Abby, who has been infected gets her blood taken and an id tag put on her.
Brad, her boyfriend, takes his tag and switches it with Abby, meaning Brad now holds the infected blood tag, the guards then come out and drag Brad away, while holding back Abby.

The guards take Brad upstairs and 'destroy' him, all in view of Abby, who then breaks free from the hold of the guards and runs off.

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