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22 de fev de 2011



This was my first mini documentary, the story of a rebellious activist priest who fought for equality, social justice, and fair housing in the barrios of Southern California, while often ruffling the Church's feathers.

Juanote, IFC Short Film of the Month Winner from Raul Garcia on Vimeo.

Personal Note from the Director:

I chose this subject after I was assigned to videotape this person's memorial tribute luncheon.

When I first arrived at the luncheon I was thinking Father Coffield was just another one of those repent or go to hell preachy types; turns out I was completely wrong and ended up leaving there totally blown away.

I was in awe of all the people who stepped up to the podium, testifying how this person came into the barrio to help them stand up and be treated equally with class and dignity, and how he touched their lives in such a positive way.

From that point forward my wanting to tell a story about this very unselfish and dedicated man was always in the back of my mind and here it is.


Tino Beltran - Guest

Ernie Ravago - Guest


Raul Garcia - Writer, director and producer, dp and editor.

Lew Stowers - Narrator and co-writer

Music - River of Light, written and performed by Ernie Watts

Original Format:

Mini DV



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