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13 de jun de 2011


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Written and Directed by Richard J Moir
2009/10 Dissertation Project

Starring: Omar Alomar and Vanessa Page
Thanks to Pierre Henri Landriau, Tom Ota, Sam Scott, Rosa Payne, Stuart Weston, Kolton Lee and Tony Cryer

Seclusionville (Short Film) from Richard J Moir on Vimeo.

A lonely widower, Benjamin, finds a women in the street unconscious one night and takes her home to keep her safe. But things soon start to get suspicious when she tries to go home and Benjamin becomes something more than a helping hand.

It's 20minutes long so give yourself some time to watch it. It's best in one viewing. Hope you enjoy! :)
Richard x

Edit: Fancy giving the film a rating. It's now on IMDb. Here's the link:​title/​tt1656742/​

Witney Film Festival, October 2010
Loch Ness Film Festival, September 2010
Flickering Movie Blog Showcase, September 2010

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